Human Resources Department

Human Resource’s real business is PEOPLE. We, at Egypt Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, believe that human potential is our greatest strength and hence we recognize the importance of hiring and retaining the right caliber, the need to recognize their efforts and ensure that this human capital is constantly enriched and motivated

We develop different means to ensure an enthusiastic working environment and highlymotivated teams, starting fromsetting internal recruitment as our first priority in hiring, using a mixture of on-job experience, formal and informal learning opportunities, to celebrating their success and achievements together.

Creating a family, inspiring and highly engaged working environment that helps people to deliver business results and meet both short and long-term goals is the human resource department goal. We have reach our goal through many initiatives such as;

Initiatives /Activities

-Retention for our employees
I.Retirement Celebrations firewall party.
II.Employee of the year honoring
III.Celebration Employees’Sons High School
IV.Annual cycle meeting and family day for the team

CSR Activities
Blood Donation Campaigns , 57357 Visit, Virus C Campaign

We inspire and engage people while fostering a culture of accountability and ownership

We remove barriers, drive simplification, and create the right environment to get the most out of our diverse strengths, and unleash the full potential of our colleagues and teams. If we are challenging the status quo and innovating with new ways of working we know we are on the right path.

HR Roles at Otsuka
1-Organization Development.
2-Recruitment and Talent acquisition.
3-Training and Development.
4-Compensation and Benefits.
5-Personnel Affairs.
6-Administration Affairs.

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